Firestone Pacific Foods

Firestone Pacific Foods is highly regarded as the premier processor of frozen fruit in the Pacific Northwest. Firestone is a fully integrated grower processing operation for domestic and export fruit customers. The farm of Firestone Pacific Foods is a respected source of premium grade fruit. Fresh and pure, we pick our fruit at the peak of ripeness. Each fruit is carefully washed and then individually quick frozen within hours of harvest to lock in the nutritional properties and flavor. Like eating summer in winter, our frozen is the new fresh.


Family Owned Local & Sustainable Farms

For over 100 years the Firestone family has produced the finest quality, flavor, and most nutritious fruit in the world. Our fifth generation farm utilizes strict practices in food safety and handling, assuring you a safe and wholesome product from our farm to your home. In addition to our farm, a network of disciplined growers are contracted to provide fruit that must meet strict field level quality standards of insurance and adhere to Good Agricultural Practices.

Our fruit is fresher than fresh. We pick the fruit at the peak of ripeness and it is carefully frozen within hours of harvesting allowing the fruit to retain its full natural flavors, sugars, and nutritional values. This allows you to defrost and enjoy our healthy, scrumptious, perfectly ripened fruit anytime you wish. You eat what you want, went you want, without any waste.

Sustainable Farming

The Firestone Family began farming the area in 1896, before Washington was a state. Our company carries on this great family heritage from the farm to our processing facility located next to the farm. We strive to protect, conserve and enhance the soil, water, and biodiversity of our land so we can continue to farm future crops for another 100 years.

Premium Frozen Fruit

At Firestone, we pick our fruit at the peak of ripeness rather than the traditional approach of picking the fruit before it is ripe, preserving it for delivery to grocery stores. Our fruit is then flash frozen within hours of picking, which locks in that perfectly ripe flavor, as well as the nutrients and vitamins.

State of the Art Facilities

We utilize the latest technology in freezing, scanning, and packing our frozen fruit. Our Quality Control ensures that all processed product is clean, safe, and delivered to the most demanding customer specification standards of quality.

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